I believe that we all have a responsibility to uphold the values of yoga as an ethical practice.

My aim is to help inspire my clients to be the good we need to see in the world. I want the practices we share together to help you to be deeply nurturing, compassionate, and loving to yourself – so that you can be in self-less service to others.

In my experience, people who face great challenges often exude the deepest humanity. I stand in solidarity with people across the world facing oppression, discrimination, and marginalisation.

Please join my monthly donation-based classes with Yoga and Sport for Refugees to help support people waiting for asylum on the Greek islands. 

Culture and Appropriation

My practice and offerings are guided by the wisdom of Non-Dual Shaiva Tantra. The teachings of this lineage have changed my life and my relationship with the world. I am so grateful to Collette Davis and the Samavesa Kula for sharing and exploring the teachings of this lineage so openly. I hope to also share these teachings, with you, by facilitating freedom through my offerings. 

As a white western woman teaching, practising and loving yoga, I believe I have a profound responsibility to always stay true to the essence of yoga: self-less service. Please contact me if you have any concerns or complaints about my way of communicating or sharing practices. I sincerely love and respect this work and am devoted to sharing it as ethically and beneficially as I can with all.


You are so welcome here.

I occasionally offer classes and programmes to women only, please know that this includes anyone who identifies as a woman. I currently do not have a client base that calls for a men only practice, but hope to in the future!

If you cannot financially commit to any of my offerings but feel called to join, please contact me. I do not want finances to be a barrier to people experiencing yoga. My work actively seeks to make Jungian psychology, a typically elitist paradigm, as accessible to as many people as possible.


Once you buy a class pass, there are no refunds offered if you change your mind about attending. If I have to cancel a class because of unforeseen circumstances, you will be reimbursed or offered a free pass to another session.

Health and Safety

You are responsible for your own body in the classes; don’t do anything you feel unsure of as there is nobody there in the room to support you. By joining the online classes, you agree to take full responsibility for your own body. I am not liable for any injury you sustain in a home practice – so be gentle, mindful, and kind. Listen to your body and honour where you are at.

Please don’t eat for two hours before class so you have a settled stomach. If you have any injuries you are worried about, message me before class. 

Mother Earth

As part of my personal dedication to healing my relationship to Mother Earth, I only buy and wear ethical yoga brands such as Puka Wear and Studio K.

As yogis, we should be extra aware of where the products we use come from. I recommend Wuufly yoga mats, and I have all of my studio equipment handmade in Chiang Mai, where I work directly with the maker.

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“I stand in solidarity with people across the world facing oppression, discrimination and marginalisation.”

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