Shake the Dust


Donation Based Practice for Yoga and Sport With Refugees. 17 April 9.30am

This is a transformative and embodied practice of the bodyheartmind.

Through guided poetic universe with a theme related to each practice we journey between perpetual movement, rest, release and free movement.

With shaking, jumping, dancing, intuitive moment (some yoga sometimes too), pilates, somatics and body weight training, not to mention a kick ass carefully curated playlist, this class is designed for anyone but especially yogis and will at best deliver a cathartic release, a great workout, SWEAT and a strong, resilient body. Check the official website for more on the beauty of this practice: Shake the Dust Session.

This is a donation-based class to raise money for and awareness of Yoga and Sport with Refugees. After booking, please make your way to their website to donate – I do not want to accept donations on their behalf as it will incur fees. So, I trust you will take care of the donating yourself. Give what you can, every little helps.

If you cannot make the live session, you will be sent a recording. All times GMT.

After booking, you will be sent the Zoom details, journaling prompts, and anything else you may need to prepare.

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Health & Safety

You are responsible for your own body in the classes; don’t do anything you feel unsure of as there is nobody there in the room to support you. By joining the online classes, you agree to take full responsibility for your own body. I am not liable for any injury you sustain in a home practice – so be gentle, mindful, and kind. Listen to your body and honour where you are at.

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17th April


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