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I am passionate about making the intricacies of Jungian depth psychology accessible through yoga. You are here because you are also drawn to this deep soul work, and want to know more. You love yoga, and you want to cultivate a practice that is therapeutic, meaningful, and altruistic.

Whenever I plan a class, I ask myself two things:

 What aspect of depth psychology can we draw on to illuminate a part of the psyche, work with an archetype, or find a way to tap into and express an inner truth?

 Why are we exploring this? How does this work benefit my students, and how can it be truly meaningful for them?

My practices are here for you to explore your inner landscape. But know that at the heart of both yoga and depth psychology is the powerful prospect of becoming whole. Not only for ourselves, but for our friends and family, our community, and the whole of humanity. My yoga helps you to come home to your Self so that you can truly understand and love yourself, thus allowing you to bring your compassion to the world.

The coming together of body and mind through the practice of yoga offers the opportunity to bring harmony to the psyche. In Jungian terms this process is individuation and in yogic terms, it is samadhi. My academic work and my yoga practice are my means of further exploring the relationship between western thought and eastern spirituality. 

I have found that the psyche-body connection between the two is a limitless source of pure joy and love. Please join me to be a part of this collective exploration. 

“The coming together of your body and mind through the practice of yoga offers you the opportunity to bring harmony to the psyche”

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