Made Flesh

Practices to Awaken Shakti

Taste the Goddess who knows herself as and through you.

She lives as Lakshmi, across the surface of your skin.

Matangi, through the rhythmic flow of your blood.

Kali, through the timeless support of your bones.

These devotional practices combine mantra, movement and meditation to bring you into the embrace of the Goddess.

Into an ever deepening relationship with your own distinct divinity.

Hari Om

Lakshmi: Radiant Skin (45 minutes)

Lakshmi is the Goddess of radiant beauty. When we see a flower blossoming, the sun setting, light shining through glass, it’s easy to look and think, ‘ahh, Lakshmi’. But she also blossoms through the surface of your own skin. This offering to Lakshmi is an invitation to feel her nectarean sweetness exude from every pore. Sensual, soft and potent, let yourself melt into an ever deepening knowing of Lakshmi through the outer most layer of Self. 


Matangi: Blood Flow (55 minutes)

Matangi is the beat of your blood, strumming on the strings of her veena as she plays the rhythm of your life. Matangi asks that we stay in flow with creativity in the myriad ways that it moves us. She teaches us that life is a great symphony, which ebbs and flows to the beat, just like the music of your own blood. Taste the truth of your own creative power in this practice dedicated to Matangi. 

Kali: Timeless Bones (75 minutes)

Kali has always been there, from the unfurling spines of our ancestors, to the forming of your own spine in the womb. She will be there when all that’s left of your body is bones, slowly returning back to earth. She is waiting, watching, in your marrow. Two eyes, unblinking. She is there whenever you call to her, to give her unshakeable support and unwavering love. In this practice, we will call to Kali.


Made Flesh: Practices to Awaken Shakti

These three practices are devotional offerings to the Goddess, who lives as and through you.

Every practice is a combination of mantra, meditation, movement and music

It is my deep privilege to share these offerings to Shakti with you, to call to her,
to embody her and to embrace her. 

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