Made Flesh: Practices to Awaken Shakti


Mantra, Meditation and Movement to Awaken Shakti

Made Flesh is a call to the Goddess in her many incarnations. 

You are Goddess made flesh, you are divinity embodied and these practices are a call to Shakti. So that she may know herself in ever deeper ways. Across the surface of your sacred skin. Through the flow of your rich blood. Within the density of your bones. 

You will receive three practices:

Lakshmi: Radiant Skin 45 minutes
Let radiant beauty exude from every pore in this practice dedicated to the Goddess Lakshmi. Explore every inch of your skin as you slip and slide through asana, free movement and loving touch. Melt ever deeper into the sweet fragrance of Lakshmi, the taste of divine beauty, who knows herself as and through your skin.

Matangi: Blood Flow 55 minutes
Matangi is the flow of creativity. Beautiful but shrouded in mystery, she holds in her hand her veena, which she plays to call your creativity to flow through the sanguine seas of your own blood. This practice follows that flow through mantra, asana and free movement. Matangi represents both creative inspiration and the dark void of the unknown. She teaches us to trust that the darkness is also where the magic is birthed.

Kali: Timeless Bones 75 minutes
Move with the support of your bones in this dedication to Ma Kali. She is the Goddess of Time, Transformation and Truth. Let your awareness meet the gaze of her eyes as they peer out from the loving support of your bones. Find new ways to express, to move and to be as you dance with the timeless aspect of you, that lives in every cell of your bone marrow.

You will need access to a Spotify Premium account to access the Playlists for these practices.

Made Flesh is led by the wisdom of Embodied Flow™ and inspired by everything I have learnt from my teacher Collette Davis and the Samāveśa kula. 


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