Embodying Water: Yin Yoga for the Soul


This 75-minute exploration of water is a deep dive into the depths of your being. It is suitable for all levels and is a moving meditation through the Water element, the ocean of consciousness, and the pool of the collective unconscious. It comprises aspects of traditional Chinese medicine, non-dual Tantra, and Jungian depth psychology.

Beyond all that though, it is an opportunity for you to rest on the shores of your own consciousness, connecting to the ocean which comprises everything.

This practice is yours to keep forever. You can return to it whenever you wish, so you can keep unravelling new layers of awareness as you return to the shores of consciousness: your inner beach, where all things meet.

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This practice is a recording of a live class. It was filmed with high quality video and audio. 

Health & Safety

You are responsible for your own body in the classes; don’t do anything you feel unsure of as there is nobody there in the room to support you. By joining the online classes, you agree to take full responsibility for your own body. I am not liable for any injury you sustain in a home practice – so be gentle, mindful, and kind. Listen to your body and honour where you are at.


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