Shadow Yoga


These four sessions are all dedicated to different aspects of the collective Shadow.

In the sessions, you will be asked to journal and reflect on what these symbols and archetypes mean to you. We will then take that connection and move with it through different practices which include asana, free movement, shaking, and breathwork.

Across the sessions, you will explore The Snake, The Siren, The Dagger and The High Priestess.

This is not Shadow Work. This is Shadow Play, and nothing more or less than an exploration of what these ubiquitous symbols mean to your own psyche.

These practices are yours to keep forever. You can return to them whenever you wish, returning again and again to these profound symbols of the collective unconscious.

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These practices are recordings of live classes. They were all filmed on zoom with high quality audio. 

Health & Safety

You are responsible for your own body in the classes; don’t do anything you feel unsure of as there is nobody there in the room to support you. By joining the online classes, you agree to take full responsibility for your own body. I am not liable for any injury you sustain in a home practice – so be gentle, mindful, and kind. Listen to your body and honour where you are at.


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