Primeval Forest: Lungs


Primeval Forest: Lungs 

What has been forgotten in the forest?
Walk with me into the primeval woods of your lungs.
Where outer world meets inner world.
Explore the potential for transformation.
Shed your leaves.
The alchemical exchange of death into life.

This practice is a combination of movement, meditation, asana and myth.

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Matangi, teacher of flow
Is playing at the bottom of the waterfall.
Notations etched in sanguine
Strumming through plasma
Coursing through platelets
Moving music through your soul.


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Health & Safety

You are responsible for your own body in the classes; don’t do anything you feel unsure of as there is nobody there in the room to support you. By joining the online classes, you agree to take full responsibility for your own body. I am not liable for any injury you sustain in a home practice – so be gentle, mindful, and kind. Listen to your body and honour where you are at.

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Primeval Forest: Lungs


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