Terrains of Truth: Somatic Explorations of Self


Four movement practices to move you with the truth of who you are. 

Terrains of Truth invites you to touch deeply into your cells, kidneys, lungs and heart. Every exploration seeks to deepen your embodied awareness, cultivate freedom, and speak from a place of truth. Each 75 minute practice offers a unique combination of visualisation, asana and free movement.

Cellular Pulse: Sink into the dark centre of your cellular intelligence.
Unconditional Kidneys: Float with the support of your Grandmother organs.
Primeval Forest: Transform the alchemical forest of your lungs.
Perpetual Heart: Dance yourself up the pathway home, back to the centre of your humanness and out the back doorway that opens to the infinite. 

You will need access to a Spotify Premium account to access the Playlists for these practices.

Terrains of Truth is led by the wisdom of Embodied Flow™ and inspired by everything I have learnt from my teacher Collette Davis and the Samāveśa kula. 


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